quanteda 1.1.1 2018-03-07

New Features

  • Added as.dfm() methods for tm DocumentTermMatrix and TermDocumentMatrix objects. (#1222)
  • predict.textmodel_wordscores() now includes an include_reftexts argument to exclude training texts from the predicted model object (#1229). The default behaviour is include_reftexts = TRUE, producing the same behaviour as existed before the introduction of this argument. This allows rescaling based on the reference documents (since rescaling requires prediction on the reference documents) but provides an easy way to exclude the reference documents from the predicted quantities.
  • textplot_wordcloud() now uses code entirely internal to quanteda, instead of using the wordcloud package.

Bug fixes and stability enhancements

Performance improvements

  • textmodel methods are now exported, to facilitate extension packages for other textmodel methods (e.g. wordshoal).

Behaviour changes