These functions provide quanteda methods for spacyr objects, and also extend spacy_parse and spacy_tokenize to work directly with corpus objects.



an object returned by spacy_parse, or (for spacy_parse) a corpus object


not used for these functions


spacy_parse(x, ...) and spacy_tokenize(x, ...) work directly on quanteda corpus objects.

docnames(x) returns the document names

ndoc(x) returns the number of documents

ntoken(x, ...) returns the number of tokens by document

ntype(x, ...) returns the number of types (unique tokens) by document

nsentence(x) returns the number of sentences by document


if (FALSE) { library("spacyr") spacy_initialize() corp <- corpus(c(doc1 = "And now, now, now for something completely different.", doc2 = "Jack and Jill are children.")) spacy_tokenize(corp) (parsed <- spacy_parse(corp)) ntype(parsed) ntoken(parsed) ndoc(parsed) docnames(parsed) }