Get or set the object metadata in a corpus, tokens, dfm, or dictionary object. With the exception of dictionaries, this will be corpus-level metadata.

meta(x, field = NULL, type = c("user", "object", "system", "all"))

meta(x, field = NULL) <- value



an object for which the metadata will be read or set


metadata field name(s); if NULL (default), return all metadata names


"user" for user-provided corpus-level metadata; "system" for metadata set automatically when the corpus is created; or "all" for all metadata.


new value of the metadata field


For meta, a named list of the metadata fields in the corpus.

For meta <-, the corpus with the updated user-level metadata. Only user-level metadata may be assigned.


#> $description #> [1] "Transcripts of all inaugural addresses delivered by United States Presidents, from Washington 1789 onward. Data compiled by Gerhard Peters." #> #> $source #> [1] "Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley. The American Presidency Project." #> #> $url #> [1] "" #> #> $author #> [1] "(various US Presidents)" #> #> $keywords #> [1] "political" "US politics" "United States" "presidents" #> [5] "presidency" #> #> $title #> [1] "US presidential inaugural address speeches" #>
meta(data_corpus_inaugural, "source")
#> [1] "Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley. The American Presidency Project."
meta(data_corpus_inaugural, "citation") <- "Presidential Speeches Online Project (2014)." meta(data_corpus_inaugural, "citation")
#> [1] "Presidential Speeches Online Project (2014)."