Get or set the document names of a corpus, tokens, or dfm object.


docnames(x) <- value



the object with docnames


a character vector of the same length as x


docnames returns a character vector of the document names

docnames <- assigns new values to the document names of an object. docnames can only be character, so any non-character value assigned to be a docname will be coerced to mode `character`.

See also


# get and set doument names to a corpus corp <- data_corpus_inaugural docnames(corp) <- char_tolower(docnames(corp)) # get and set doument names to a tokens toks <- tokens(data_corpus_inaugural) docnames(toks) <- char_tolower(docnames(toks)) # get and set doument names to a dfm dfmat <- dfm(data_corpus_inaugural[1:5]) docnames(dfmat) <- char_tolower(docnames(dfmat)) # reassign the document names of the inaugural speech corpus docnames(data_corpus_inaugural) <- paste("Speech", 1:ndoc(data_corpus_inaugural), sep="")