Tally the Scrabble letter values of text given a user-supplied function, such as the sum (default) or mean of the character values.

nscrabble(x, FUN = sum)



a character vector


function to be applied to the character values in the text; default is sum, but could also be mean or a user-supplied function


a (named) integer vector of Scrabble letter values, computed using FUN, corresponding to the input text(s)


Character values are only defined for non-accented Latin a-z, A-Z letters. Lower-casing is unnecessary.

We would be happy to add more languages to this extremely useful function if you send us the values for your language!


nscrabble(c("muzjiks", "excellency"))
#> [1] 29 24
nscrabble(texts(data_corpus_inaugural)[1:5], mean)
#> 1789-Washington 1793-Washington 1797-Adams 1801-Jefferson 1805-Jefferson #> 1.706789 1.721875 1.624590 1.678183 1.663654